Buddha Statues Cave Pagoda

19 of February 2012

A Buddha Statute or Buddha Statues and Buddhist are usually formed after a mudra, this sculptures are creative pieces of art work made from marble, jade, wood or masonry.

It is a way to express the faith in Buddhism via a piece of art. Buddha statues almost always come in a realistic depiction its rather seldom in a abstract form. If the Buddha is somehow rendered in a abstract for its almost always a painting. The material to create a beautiful Buddha statue is mainly marble, wood, brass and bronze, if enough money is available a jade Buddha statue could be done, jade Buddha this days are usually created from white and lavender jade, excellent green jade is only used with small statues. Using wood as a material for a Buddha statue is probably the preferred method if details should be show since it is hard to beat wood carvings for this. Reclining Buddha statues are often seen at pagodas and Buddhist monasteries.

A Buddha statue made from wood are also more prominent if a touch of a real detailed depicted art is the target. Various kinds of wood are used to make Buddha statues, there is cheap soft wood and more expensive hard wood such as teak.


Actually in Myanmar they often take teak wood and marble plus other materials such as jade to create a beautiful Buddha statue, since teakwood is very durable, sometimes sandalwood and rosewood is used, sandalwood is very expensive and is only used for small figurines.

Marble Buddha statues

are also looking good, people even use them as garden Buddha statues, to give a exotic and beautiful touch to the surrounding

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